The project

Le Mans Jazz is initiating a new “in / out concerts” project in addition to performances bringing together artists and audiences and thus creating and developing the best possible conditions to share unique moments, original musical moments, precious moments of interaction, ’emotions.

Le Mans Jazz and 24 images therefore join forces to produce, direct, fix and broadcast audiovisual artistic programs of concerts recorded live, mainly without an audience and involving video editing and sound editing, also integrating a dressing and a generic in connection with the identity chorus / europa [djaz].

The programs produced for all possible audiences will be diffused and will be available via partner TV media and on Vimeo, a paid online service.

How to view the programs on

To rent one or more of our audiovisual artistic programs, log on to Vimeo with your customer account. If you do not yet have an account you can create one by simply entering your first and last names and email address. You can also log in through your Facebook and Google accounts.

The payment to access the rental videos is secure for credit cards. The Vimeo site also accepts payments via PayPal. Our audiovisual artistic programs are available for rental for a period of 48 hours and for the sum of € 3 per unit.