Musics in Sablons

Artist residency – Concerts-workshops-meetings

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Sablons district – Le Mans

For the second year, Le Mans Jazz is part of the program carried out within the framework of the CLEAC (Local Convention of Artistic and Cultural Education). Partners: City of Le Mans, DRAC (general board of cultural affairs) Pays-de-la-Loire , National Education. The Music 2020 initiative therefore invites partners to co-construct courses based on the actions already existing in the Sablons district of Le Mans.

The system is based on two dynamics: participating in the anchoring of inhabitants in their territory and cooperating on original projects combining art and culture. The artistic paths offered are organized around the three pillars: experimenting with a practice, meeting an artist and accessing one or more works.

fall-winter 2020-2021

postponding the action planned originally for spring 2020

Invited artist : CAROLINE DUFRENE

Singer, author/songwritter/performer.