Céline Bonacina & Laurent Dehors on Vimeo

When the musical universes and personalities of Céline Bonacina and Laurent Dehors meet, we don’t know how far it can take us! With Céline Bonacina on baritone, soprano or voice saxophones and Laurent Dehors, poly-instrumentalist, on various clarinets, from very low to high, including the tenor saxophone or bagpipes, the combinations of timbre and musical ambience promise to be contrasted. Combining both extreme softness and almost wild energy, these two instrumentalists explore a whole range of emotions in a duet, according to their personal compositions.

Celine Bonacina
saxophones, vocals

Laurent Dehors
tenor saxophone, clarinets, bagpipe

Pictures : C. Bonacina ©Nathalie Roudier Courau /L. Dehors ©Éric Grundmann