Médéric COLLIGN(i)ON and Yv(i)an ROBILLIARD

“Vian: le météore et le trompinettiste” on Vimeo

Picture of Médéric Colligon and Yvan Robilliard  © Wiktoria Bosc

Here is what Médéric Collignon said about this show: “It was with great difficulty that I had to choose songs and poems from the“ Prince of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés ”.

I had to shake up part of the meaty work of 83 texts. With my double Yv (i) an Robilliard, we try to manipulate the different facets of the parallel or inverted world of Vian: « Il oublia d’oublier d’oublier », « L’anguille », « L’évadé », « J’suis snob », « Quand j’aurai du vent dans mon crâne »… On stage, Yvan is the silent author with explosive harmonies and luminous flights, and I am on my side the manipulactor, the electrified trumpet player who sells the wind in a jazz bath. We inhabit your free time. Hang your hearts on your seats, we’ll square! “

Médéric Collignon
cornet, voice,

Yvan Robilliard