A zest of jazz

Practice workshops/return concerts – 4 high schools and CFA in the Pays de la Loire region:

  • The Horizons in Saint-Saturnin
  • Estournelles from Constant to La Flèche
  • Rochefeuille in Ernée (53)
  • Robert Garnier at La Ferté-Bernard

Objective: to unite groups of students and invite them to express themselves in a process of musical creation, guided improvisation.



Born in the South of Haiti, Daphné Ménard discovered and practiced music through the church songs of Port-au-Prince and especially Gospel music. This period marked his voice with a deep sense of contemplation, of mystery and developed a powerful and sensitive tone that easily passes from low to high. After her classical studies ended in 2008, her many meetings and workshops with professional artists from here and elsewhere (James Germain, Emeline Michel, Jocelyne Beroard…) have shaped and enriched her career. He thus discovered the traditional music of his country and opened up to other musical forms. Trained in opera singing at the National School of Arts in Port-Au-Prince, Daphné Ménard has developed an eclectic taste. His rich and varied repertoire mixes gospel, jazz, classical singing and traditional Haitian music. In 2015, he released his first single “Ann Pran Yon chans” which is his own cry for his country. With an active involvement in the cultural community in Haiti, he made his first tour in 2018 in several cities in France and Belgium with the “Poésie Pays” project. In 2019, Daphné Ménard accompanied by Nicolas Rousserie (guitar) lead the europa[jazz] tour in high school and at the CFA (concerts/meetings) in around ten establishments in the Pays de la Loire region. Following this tour, as part of the CLEAC Ville Le Mans, Daphné Ménard was welcomed to Le Mans for 4 months of residency, concerts, cultural mediation (young audiences and adults).

Daphné Ménard