Musics in Costa Gavras Middle School

Le Mans Jazz has developed a “Choir” project at the Costa Gavras’ middle school in the Sablons district of Le Mans, in partnership with the city of Le Mans.

The “Choir” workshops of the “Musiques au collège Costa Gavras” are led by Caroline Dufrene. The aim of this action is to encourage the practice of music and allow young people to have fun singing together.

There are 10 participants in this project supervised by Professor Marjolaine Preuvost from Costa-Gavras’ middle school, 6th grade students.

At the end of the workshops, a restitution concert will be organized on Friday June 25, 2021.

The students will sing 5 to 6 songs accompanied by Caroline Dufrene, Christian D’Asfeld and Nicolas Rousserie.

Program :

– College Steel Band

– Restitution concert of the “choir” workshops

– Concert by Caroline Dufrene, Marjolaine Preuvost, Christian D’Asfeld and Nicolas Rousserie.

Caroline Dufrene – voice
Christian D’Asfeld – clavier
Nicolas Rousserie – guitar
Marjolaine Preuvost – voice