Regional Tour – 2022

Céline Bonacina et Laurent Dehors

Céline Bonacina & Laurent Dehors

Concerts in Pays-de-la-Loire Region and Normandy !

The Regional Tour brings music to all possible places by inviting, each year, outstanding figures of today’s jazz.

For the 2022 tour, it is the duo Céline Bonacina and Laurent Dehors who will meet the public.


When the musical worlds and personalities of Céline Bonacina and Laurent Dehors meet, we don’t know how far it can take us! With Céline Bonacina on baritone, soprano or voice saxophones and Laurent Dehors, poly-instrumentalist, on various clarinets, from very low to high, including tenor saxophone or bagpipes, combinations of timbres and atmospheres musical promise to be contrasting. Combining both extreme gentleness and almost wild energy, these two instrumentalists explore a whole palette of emotions as a duo, according to their personal compositions.